New steam boiler in La Perla Bugaderia industrial laundry

New steam boiler for La Perla Bugaderia Industrial laundry

Since the beginning of January 2019 La Perla Bugaderia has a new steam boiler in its facilities, a new technological asset in line with its desire to renew and update to offer the best industrial laundry service in Barcelona.

This new medium pressure saturated steam generator with flame inversion has a steel structure with pressurized combustion. These modern-concept and high-performance generators have been designed and developed in accordance with the European Directive 97/23 / EC (PED) as well as with the most recent national and European standards on pressurized vessels.

Its implementation supposes an increase of 150% in the production of steam every hour with respect to the boiler that was previously used, reaching up to 1250kg / h. It is also important to highlight the superior energy efficiency of 99% thanks to the use of an intelligent modulating natural gas burner that is regulated according to the consumption history that is recorded daily.

Precisely through the energy efficiency of this new equipment, La Perla Bugaderia Industrial clothing laundry can maintain its commitment aimed at reducing the impact of its industrial activity on the environment, resulting in significant savings in gas consumption as well as a proportional reduction in NOx polluting emissions. The steam produced by this new boiler is used to quickly and efficiently heat the water used in the washing machines that are used to wash the garments. 

The steam is injected at 140 degrees Celsius and in just a few seconds it manages to heat the water to the most suitable temperature for the washing of work uniforms. This increase in the efficiency of the entire process provided by this new piece of machinery represents a substantial improvement in productivity thanks to higher performance combined with greater safety.