Industrial Laundry

La Perla is a laundry specialised in the washing of the labour uniformity that always has concerned to offer the best service to his customers, are a company of familiar deal that enjoy the well done work and for this reason always have endowed us of the most skilled machinery and modern that allow us offer a service of quality. Also we concern us to improve our installations and adapt us to the exigències that the normative and the market ask.

Tools of support for the management of the clothes: Attending to our worry to offer a service increasingly eficient, communicative and without incidences, have gone us nourishing of tools that help us in this sense:

Software of management with the implementation of bar code to each sins of clothes: I allow Us know the stock of clothes of each worker, have traçabilitat of the washings of each piece, assign limit of washings to each article to renew the clothes, gestionar high and low, generate albarans and turnover.

Area of customers: Since our web, will enable an area of customers where each company will have access deprived to the following tools of query:

• Query of the traçabilitat of the washings of the workers with a historical of 3 months

• Consults of the stock of clothes assigned to each worker and total of the company.

• In which point of the process finds the clothes of his company?

• Documentary management: Agreement with the Perla, price of valid prices, protocol of washing, access to the albarans of delivery and to the monthly bills…

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