Renting of work clothes

La Perla offers the modality of contract of labor renting for those companies that need a control of the monthly expense and an integral externalization of the management of the work clothes.

The tools we have at hand to achieve this demand are:

La Perla is a distributor of several brands of high quality work clothes. We can supply clothes for all types of business: Polyester-cotton for maintenance personnel, 100% polyester for laboratories and clean rooms, sanitary barrier, high visibility and labor protection for extreme activities, ...

We also supply and manage the assignment to the workers of the clean clothes and dirty clothes collection office that allow to have the dressing rooms neat.

In terms of clothing management we use our barcode management software that allows us to know the stock of clothes of each worker, have traceability of the washes of each piece, assign a limit of washes to each item to renew clothes, manage high and low, generate delivery notes and billing.

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